GFNY Training Center Podcast

The final GFNY Training Center Podcast of January was a doozy: a long episode cut into several parts.

First, we tackle some mailbag questions, including eating late at night after training, and combining training with time restricted eating/intermittent fasting.

Then, Chris checks in with Coach Christian to share his own success with some of the ideas talked about during the last episodes of the Training Center Podcast, including renovating his nutrition plan to fuel better during and post-ride. Listen here to Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

There’s also a special edition of the Training Center Podcast, which is an instructional to go along with the GFNY Coaching 5-Day Nutrition Challenge we ran last week. If you missed the 5-Day Challenge last week you can still follow along now, by listening to the podcast and heading to the 5-Day Challenge page on the GFNY Coaching site.

And remember that you can find the GFNY Training Center Podcast, and all editions of GFNY Daily Coffee Podcast, in a variety of locations.

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