Chapter 3: The GFNY Europe 2021 Camp experience


Chapter 3 of the GFNY Europe 2021 travel guide series prepares you for what the GFNY Camp experience is all about. During each 1-week camp, you will preview sections of the race course and prepare for the specific type of cycling you are going to be taking on during the race. Cycling in the destination’s topography and climate in the lead up to the race will give you the confidence and fitness to have the best raceday experience possible. Arriving a week early will give your body time to recover from the travel and jet lag and acclimatize to have a great race.

Don’t forget to bring the right equipment! Check whether changing gearing would be a good option for you, put on new tires and bring the right cycling & casual clothing for all kinds of weather. If you have preferred sports nutrition, bring it with you.

GFNY’s Ambassador Chris Geiser shares his advice and experiences to help you have a smooth experience traveling to Europe in 2021 for the cycling experience of a lifetime.


This is for you if you…

  • are exploring a trip to a GFNY Europe race in 2021
  • have travelled to Europe but need to understand the ”new normal” associated with trave
  • have not travelled extensively to Europe and look for a few tips
  • just need an ”easy” button on finding the resources you need to be able to travel with confidence



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